Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beach Cottage Rentals

Beach Cottage Rentals

The link above talks about places to stay at the Hawaiin North Shore area, this is a place where you can photograph some beautiful scenery and get inside of a wave and to photogrph this is a dream I hope to see come true soon. I love the scenes I have witnessed on You Tube on the North Shore break, and I have been to Hawaii once, Koona , and the see through waves are jsut one of a kind, Please click the link its about bed and breakfast inns in Hawaii, that cater to all different life styles for the rivh and the not so rich. I found back pack inns that you bearley pay 50 a night for and that may be the good place to go. My travels will be in a month or two. Enjoy

Christopher Hyer3.16.2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surfing Photograph's and what can you do with them

Clark Little Surf Photography Article , Surf Photography , what can a photographer do with the pictures, well not much unless you have a signed model release from the surfer, that is if you plan on selling the photos for profit, So if your in this spot, you already know what I know. The thing is , the copyright laws specify if you can even make out the board the surfer is riding,, then your in violation even a silllouette, so its frustrating and to get these surfers to sign something they will  possibly not see again, well, doubtful. I find the laws to be valid I guess, but what about that Paparazzi and celebratory pictures, where is that violation come from or is there one. I believe that most surf photographers have a context with some of the surfing sponsors, therefore they are able to just shoot away, Clark Little in the article above takes pictures of the Surf itself, Never really done that , I mean I have , but not like this fellow does, take a look at his work on this link above and go to my home page for some Surf Videos, and some of my music, Surfing photography is for me at this point in my life on hold until I can figure out a way to make a living from it. Till next time. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Surfing Photography in these Worlds of Tropicana

Surfing is an International sport spannning the globe with big money invoved as with any extreme sport, the Photographer if he is well equipmt has to get wet under the water shots that I have seen are very explosive to the eye catching world of surfing from down under the surfboard. I wish I had the Dollars for a camrea of that caliber, yet I am not as well suited where I take my photos. In Corpus Christi,Texas we have Murky waters So topside is still best for shooting surfing, I will post to the side bar some durfing video shots from around the world , I hope you enjoy these, and Please Click the Ads, or this site will have to go. Take Care and surf Safety first.

Friday, January 28, 2011

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I endorse anyone out there trying to make a living, yet not at the cost of someone losing out of thier fair share of the pay.In Photography we have an open playing field, Use it responsibly and enjoy what God has given us the talent for!! Thank You Christopher Hyer 1.28.2011

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