Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beach Cottage Rentals

Beach Cottage Rentals

The link above talks about places to stay at the Hawaiin North Shore area, this is a place where you can photograph some beautiful scenery and get inside of a wave and to photogrph this is a dream I hope to see come true soon. I love the scenes I have witnessed on You Tube on the North Shore break, and I have been to Hawaii once, Koona , and the see through waves are jsut one of a kind, Please click the link its about bed and breakfast inns in Hawaii, that cater to all different life styles for the rivh and the not so rich. I found back pack inns that you bearley pay 50 a night for and that may be the good place to go. My travels will be in a month or two. Enjoy

Christopher Hyer3.16.2011

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